Sandra Varley

Founder of Integrus MindCare

I have a deeply held passion for helping those who seek better lives. In particular, over the last twenty-five years, I’ve had extensive experience and training in trauma, sexual abuse, and family systems. In the arena of trauma, I received training from Bessel van der Kolk, Judith Herman, and Dan Siegel. I also have 40 hours of training in Advanced Treatment for Sexual Compulsivity and Trauma through Masters and Johnson. From 1990-1993, I received advanced training and supervision in Ericksonian Solution-focused Hypnotherapy for Trauma with Yvonne Dolan, author of the book Path with Heart: Ericksonian Approaches to Sexual Trauma Recovery. For couples and families, I’ve been trained in the PREP method for marriage counseling, along with work with John Gottman and Terry Real. As an adjunct faculty member, I have taught Eating Disorder, Psychopathology, and Marriage and Family systems courses to graduate counseling students, and supervised interns and practicing psychotherapists in these fields. Recently, I became intrigued with Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Neuroscience Applications to Psychotherapy. I’m particularly interested to see how these methods are being integrated into the long-standing foundations of excellent care for trauma and abuse. In my clinical work, I currently focus on complex trauma and co-occuring conditions, with an eye toward integrating these newer approaches with my longer-term training in clinical care.

As an Educator and Supervisor

I am energized by mentoring other professionals at many levels, from grad students to experienced colleagues. I particularly enjoy seeing people “come into their own” as clinicians and contributors to the field. This mentoring has occurred in a variety of settings. Since completing my PhD in clinical psychology in 2005, I’ve been an adjunct faculty member in the Graduate Counseling Programs at Regis University, Colorado Christian University, and the University of Northern Colorado since 2005. I have taught Professional Orientation and Ethics frequently, as well as Research Methods, Psychopathology, and Group Counseling courses. Some of this faculty work has also included serving as the program supervisor for internship and practicum students at each of these universities. From 2009-2010, I was the Clinical Coordinator the Master of Arts in Counseling Program at the Loveland Campus of CCU, where I supervised, coordinated, and developed the internship program at that campus. After leaving this position in 2010, I have continued to supervise and consult with new (and “old) mental professionals through my Private Practice. I am an approved supervisor for the state of Colorado for licensure at the LPC, LAC, CAC Certification levels. Several mental health agencies and organizations throughout northern Colorado have hired me to consult with them, including A Woman’s Place, North Range Behavioral Health, UNC Health Center and Weld County Public Health Department. As a mentor in all these settings, I really have a passion for building on strengths, and manifesting the goals that are envisioned together.

As a visionary

I have created and re-created my own ideal private practice through the many seasons of my professional life. I have worked in hospitals, agencies, counseling centers and Private Practice. I’ve been a managed-care provider, an exclusively fee-for service provider, a teacher, and a supervisor in various combinations throughout this journey. I wouldn’t trade any of it. Like all of life, maintaining a flourishing outreach has inevitable ebbs and flows, but fullness and vibrancy have always been there, in all their forms. My commitment to authentic service to those who seek fuller lives, and my dedication to personal and community integrity have sustained me well through all these twists and turns.